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PAPA’S CHAMPS: Kristel Dela Rosa “I use Papa & Barkley to care for myself along with my loved ones, family, and friends.”  Meet our heroes, our Champions. Papa’s Champions are people who have made our products their own. Kristel has incorporated our CBD Releaf Balm into her daily regiment for recovery and self care. Kristel is just one of many athletes currently reaping the benefits of our products. HEMP CBD FOR SELF CARE Incorporating Hemp CBD into your daily health and wellness regiment is a great way to supercharge your self care. People from all walks of life are using CBD to decrease stress, manage discomfort, and even shorten recovery after workouts. The medicinal qualities of Hemp CBD help decrease muscle inflammation and aid in sleep. It works by activating the Endocannabinoid receptors located within your muscle tissue while reducing strain and common aches.  “I work in the fitness industry and I teach about 25 classes per week. They range from cardio hit classes, weight training to yoga, which is a lot on my body.” HEMP CBD FOR FITNESS & HEALTH A difficult aspect of personal training and fitness is maximizing the recovery period after a workout. Strenuous work outs break down muscles. Afterwards, you can experience inflammation or even pain. You’ve likely felt sore after a max out session at the weight bench, especially the next day. This is where CBD comes in: Cannabidiol has numerous anti-inflammatory properties that help with recovery and relieve the minor aches and discomfort associated with working out.  “Incorporating Papa & Barkley products into teaching has helped so much because I use it for recovery. I teach early in the morning and late at night so when I’m super-hyped at night its hard for me to fall asleep… it has helped incorporating it into my schedule.” HEMP CBD FOR WORKOUT RECOVERY  CBD has the potential to speed your workout recovery. Unlike most other anti-inflammatories, CBD does not harm your stomach lining. In fact, CBD has gastroprotective qualities that can help settle your stomach. Research has confirmed CBD suppresses inflammation, swelling, and soreness. Incorporating CBD into your recovery regiment helps protects muscle cells for growth. CBD can also aid in better sleep, making your recovery have a faster turn around time. There is new data available for CBD’s ability to balance immune function as well. Use Kristel’s promo code: Kristel15 for a discount on your first purchase. Shop CBD for Recovery